Background Verifications

Background Verifications

Background Verifications is a First & Pivotal step for Each and Every Organisation

Many organizations are eager to immediately hire candidates who appear to meet or surpass all their requirements on paper, i.e. on their resumes. But only well run companies will realise the risk of Theft & Fraud or any misconduct, the process of identifying the right candidates should include Background check to verify the information provided by candidates is legitimate.

VR HR provides a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and employment screening solutions specially designed to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring processes. Our services include:

Address Check: A basic verification where candidates back ground check will be conducted like Residence address check etc. Proof of documents will be provided like photo graphs where were possible.

Education Verification: The Verification of education process is very important. In order to ascertain the documents submitted by the employee is authenticated or not.

Employment Check: Pervious employment check is very important. We carry out various checks like experience check, F&F check and all other check which are necessary to ascertain that all the documents submitted or information provided by employee are correct.

Criminal Check: It’s duty of each and every employer to provide its employee a safe work environment. It’s not only restricted to employee but to the customer as well who are assured that there data is protected and safe.